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Contact the Pain Management Experts in DFW

Having constant pain can make life very difficult to enjoy. While you’re trying to be active, enjoy family gatherings or go to exciting events, nagging pain can not only be distracting but ruin your day entirely. Here at Pain & Spine Physicians, we believe no one should suffer from constant pain. Our team of world-class physicians will provide you with the best possible care by examining you thoroughly, diagnosing the cause of your pain, and attacking it at its source. We have had incredible success alleviating our patients’ pain for years, with a specialty in resolving pain that originates in the spine.

Common Pain Sources

Below are just a few of the main pain sources that we have experience dealing with regularly. While many people have these forms of pain and have accepted them as part of their regular life, there’s no need to. With same-day appointments available, we can quickly diagnose you and get you on the path to pain relief. Life is too short to live in pain. Contact us today for the relief you deserve.

Back Pain

Back pain is the most common form of pain we encounter. It can come from the damaged vertebra, discs, arthritic facet joints, sciatica or other nerve damage.

Joint Pain

Joints can be worn down over time, especially in people that are especially active. Sore knees can make even walking around painful.


Migraines affect more than 25 million people each year. Our team is skilled at tracing back the source of your headaches, so you can get relief.

Neck Pain

The neck is a hotbed for pain that can easily be disrupted by accidents and problems further down your spine. We can find the problem that is causing neck pain and resolve it.


Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes muscles and tissues to be in chronic pain. If you are living with this crippling disease, we can help manage the pain it produces.

Our Patients Say

“I was treated with the utmost respect, as well as put on a regimen of medications for a fractured disc that for the first time in many years I can honestly say I have felt better than I ever have. While the surgeon tries to figure out how to treat me and what they can do with the fractured disc I am very relieved to have found your office because now I am no longer suffering as I was…”

Don’t Live With Pain. Call Now for Relief!