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Neuropathy Treatments in North Texas

The pain you’re experiencing may not just be from soreness or muscle strain, if you are experiencing chronic pain in your fingers, wrists, shoulders, or neck you may be suffering from peripheral neuropathy. It is best to give the professionals at any of the Pain & Spine Physicians locations in the DFW Metroplex area a call to schedule an appointment. Our team has plenty of knowledge and experience when it comes to diagnosing this issue. We can help create a treatment plan to help cope with the pain.

You experience neuropathy when the nerves responsible for brain spine communication, enroute from then to your muscles, skin, and internal organs, become damaged or diseased. There is no known cure for this issue, but the specialists at Pain & Spine Physicians can help you manage the pain caused from by this disconnect. Call today if you worry about your chronic pain and need professional help coping with pain caused by peripheral neuropathy.

man grabbing his neck in distress

What Causes Neuropathy?

While it is difficult to point out what factor caused the nerves to be damaged, since there are plenty, the Pain & Spine Physicians can help. We can determine the method after you explain the symptoms suffered and some personal history in a consultation. There are three methods in which you can develop these damaged or diseased nerves:

Acquired Neuropathies

These neuropathies occur due to toxins, infection, trauma, or illness. Environmental factors include diabetes, alcoholism, poor diet, kidney disease, and certain medications used to treat other diseases.

Hereditary Neuropathies

You receive these neuropathies from your parents or other relatives through genetics. Although it is not very common, it can still get passed for many generations. It degenerates the insulation surrounding the nerves and assists them in conducting the electrical pulses of communication between the brain and spine to help create movement throughout the body.

Idiopathic Neuropathies

Almost one-third of all cases of neuropathies are assigned this method because there is no known factor contributed to the issue. There is no known cause to be found by the doctors at Pain & Spine Physicians, but we have plenty of treatments for the pain.

Call Today for a Neuropathy Diagnosis and Treatment

If you are experiencing chronic pain and aren’t sure what is causing it, you may have peripheral neuropathy. Consider scheduling an appointment with the experts at Pain & Spine Physicians. Even if we can’t discover the cause for this pain the wrists, arms, legs, feet, and more, we will be able to develop and treatment plan to help cope and manage the pain. We have offices in Flower Mound, Frisco, Southlake, Dallas, and McKinney to help serve the greater North Texas area. Call us today.

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