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When You Need Neck Pain Relief in Texas, We’re Here for You

If you suffer from chronic neck pain, you’re not alone. Neck pain is a common complaint among adults. Below, Pain & Spine Physicians answers some of our patients’ frequently asked questions concerning neck pain relief at our Texas clinics. Learn what causes neck pain and what treatments are available to help you restore your range of motion and quality of life. Request an appointment today to learn more!

What Causes Neck Pain to Happen?

For many, neck pain happens quickly as the result of a sports or personal injury. Slip-and-falls and car accidents are often to blame for neck pain, as are muscle strains and sprains. Whiplash is a common condition triggering neck pain by “whipping” your cervical spine back and forth until it’s out of alignment. Other neck pain causes are less apparent. Poor posture can cause neck pain over time, so it’s essential to invest in ergonomic furniture and mattresses designed to support you better. Osteoarthritis and worn joints can also cause chronic neck pain in adults.

Another condition we often see is referred to as “text neck.” Text neck occurs from leaning your neck in one direction too frequently, such as when checking electronic or mobile devices. This can trigger neck pain, headaches, and other issues. Other underlying causes of neck pain may include degenerative neck diseases, infections causing lymph node swelling, and rare conditions such as neck tuberculosis or meningitis. If you suffer from neck pain, it’s in your best interest to get it diagnosed and treated.

businesswoman rubbing neck

What Are Common Symptoms of Neck Pain?

Neck pain symptoms may vary by individual and severity, but they generally include any of the following:

  • Stiffness or soreness when moving your neck from side to side
  • Decreased ability to move your head
  • Sharp pain in the lower neck or back of neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Muscle spasms, tension, or tightness
  • Radicular pain in the shoulders or arms
  • Difficulty lifting or gripping objects (weakness in the arms or fingers)

When Should I See a Doctor for My Neck Pain?

Often, neck pain will come and go on its own with self-care. You can try resting, applying heat or ice to reduce the pain and swelling, and gentle stretches to help alleviate muscle tightness. However, if your neck pain persists or worsens over the next few days, you should contact your doctor. Seek urgent medical care if your neck pain is accompanied by one or more of these symptoms:

  • Fever or chills
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • Numbness, weakness, or tingling in your arms or legs
  • Radiating pain in the arms or legs
  • Issues with balance or coordination
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Severe headaches and stiff neck

Am I Suffering From Acute or Chronic Neck Pain?

Acute neck pain may come and go suddenly, often healing on its own within a few days or up to six weeks. Causes of acute neck pain typically include minor injuries, strains, or sprains. Chronic neck pain is moderate to severe pain felt for three months or more. Chronic neck pain may worsen with certain physical activities. It may be harder to pinpoint the source of chronic pain. Common causes of chronic neck pain include bulging or herniated discs, pinched nerves, osteoarthritis, stenosis, and injuries such as whiplash, muscle or ligament tears, or bone fractures. Chronic neck pain usually requires the intervention of trained pain management specialists, while acute neck pain may get better with self-care.

What Should I Do If I Suffer From Neck Pain?

You shouldn’t ignore neck pain. It could be caused by a more significant health issue, such as sciatica or a herniated disc. Call your doctor if neck pain doesn’t go away with self-care or begins to radiate down your arms or legs. The first step toward seeking neck pain relief is to determine the underlying cause of it through a physical exam and medical image testing. Whether you live in the DFW Metroplex or San Antonio, you can schedule an exam at the Pain & Spine Physicians location nearest you. Our pain specialists would be happy to customize a pain management treatment plan for your specific issue(s).

How Are Acute and Chronic Neck Pain Diagnosed?

Neck pain diagnosis may involve a thorough physical exam and medical image testing. When diagnosing the cause of your neck pain, a doctor will typically ask about your current symptoms, lifestyle, and occupation. You may be wondering what work has to do with your neck pain. Neck pain causes and symptoms may vary depending on if you’re a manual laborer or someone who sits in front of a computer all day. Likewise, treatments may vary based on your lifestyle. If you’re not someone who is active, we may emphasize physical therapy and exercise to stretch and strengthen your neck muscles.

How Are Acute and Chronic Neck Pain Treated?

For many, chiropractic adjustments provide effective neck pain relief. A chiropractor may adjust your spine to promote better blood circulation and help reduce joint stress. Massages can also be therapeutic for acute or chronic neck pain. A massage can help loosen tight muscles to improve circulation and alleviate pain. Stretches and physical therapy can help you build and maintain muscle strength and prevent further injury. Depending on the extent of your pain or injury, we may recommend injection therapy to help you reduce your neck pain. Surgery may be needed for more extreme cases.

How Does Injection Therapy Provide Neck Pain Relief?

Injections are non-invasive and all-natural to deliver effective pain relief for many of our patients. Injection therapy is safe, convenient, and tailored to you. There’s no “one size fits all” with injection therapy. Treatments vary by individual because pain varies by individual. The number of injections can vary from one per week to one every few months or years to provide lasting pain relief.

Epidural steroid injections are administered to the epidural space in your spine, offering relief for arm, neck, back, or leg pain caused by inflamed spinal nerves. Cervical epidural steroid injections are inserted above the nerve root opening outside the epidural space. We’ll generally go through the affected side of your neck to offer you the best neck pain relief possible. If your neck pain has radiated down to your shoulders, joint injections could restore your range of motion without surgery or downtime.

Patient describes neck pain to doctor

Are There Ways to Avoid Pain in the Neck?

Maintaining a positive attitude and making healthy lifestyle adjustments can help you prevent neck pain. People who maintain a healthy weight through exercise and good nutrition are less likely to develop chronic pain. Practicing good stress management and relaxation techniques is also essential. You can help prevent neck pain by keeping these tips in mind:

  • Investing in ergonomic furniture to avoid slouching can help improve your posture and prevent neck pain. If you work on a computer, keep your monitor at eye level.
  • Be sure to take frequent breaks throughout the work day. Getting up and moving, stretching your neck and shoulders, is important to prevent strain.
  • When you sleep at night, avoid using too many pillows. If your neck is propped up at an awkward angle all night, it can lead to neck pain.
  • When using your cell phone, try to keep it at eye level so you aren’t leaning forward as much or straining your neck every time you get a text.
  • Stay active. Exercise helps you stay in better shape and can help prevent neck pain.
  • Be careful when lifting heavy objects, including bags with straps. Putting the weight of a heavy bag on your shoulder can strain your neck over time.
  • When riding in a vehicle, you should utilize your headrest to help reduce the possibility of whiplash if you were to get into a car accident.

Why Choose Pain & Spine Physicians for Pain Management?

Whether you have acute or chronic neck pain, Pain & Spine Physicians personalizes our treatment plans to each patient’s needs. You can count on us for comprehensive care utilizing the latest techniques and tools without resorting to surgery or opioids if possible. We’ll help you find an all-natural, long-lasting solution to help you decrease your pain. Based on our availability, same-day appointments may be scheduled to get you neck pain relief when you need it the most. Come see us for world-class medical care from a caring team of specialized pain management physicians.

Schedule an Appointment to Get Neck Pain Relief Today

Pain & Spine Physicians has convenient locations across North Texas, including Frisco, McKinney, Dallas, Flower Mound, Southlake, and Sherman. Please contact us today to learn more about our neck pain relief options. Our pain specialists will make every effort to help you restore your range of motion and improve your quality of life. We aim to help patients live pain-free however they choose to be!

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